Connecting you and your game directly with an active community of serious players.

We help by bringing you together with our active community of Gamers. Unlike platforms such as Steam or specific areas such as Blizzard forums, our player base is uniquely wide ranging, covering all the major platforms and current game genres. Our site also restricts membership to over 18 only, meaning you’re speaking to mature gamers who can give you the constructive feedback and suggestions you need.

Targeted Player Audience

We help find your target audience using a number of parameters and help create the right focus group to meet your objectives.
This means you get exactly the players you’re looking for. For example: are you designing an FPS with an emphasis on storyline and humour? Then you may decide to choose players from the UK and USA who are aged between 18-35 and expert level players of Borderlands 2. This is highly powerful in gaining relevant feedback.

How we can help your game development grow

You can choose to invite players to engage at a number of points during your development process:

  1. Beginning development: General suggestions on the early game concept
  2. UI/Design approach: feedback on the game’s interface and look and feel at design stage
  3. Play testing and review of the game from alpha onwards
  4. Post-release advertising for your game on our website at a number of levels.
  • Include your game and invite members to visit your site or sign up for your beta platform via our member newsletter and on our site.
  • Establish a forum dedicated to your game – providing discussion and suggestion opportunities
  • Hold smaller real time discussion chat groups using our teamspeak server
  • Inviting individual players for playtest observation and feedback
  • We set you up with a special dedicated Game Developer profile on the site that allows players to directly message you with questions and feedback.

Feel free to get in touch with us today for more information on how we can work together.

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