Sone FAQs to run through before signing up and to help you get started in getting the most out of your new online gaming community

What is

Basically, we help you find other people to play online games with. We couldn’t find an easy way to connect with other players and game lobbies and online play matching is much too random. You can browse our games or search for other members and connect to them to arrange your co-op play.

Is it free?

You can join the site and use our service completely free of charge. Of course, we’re hoping that you’ll support our site by occasionally clicking on some of the ads and links you’ll see (we have to eat too!) but you’re under no obligation.  We want you to have fun!

Why would I use this site and not a forum?

Unlike forum posts and replies, what makes Findgamingbuddies unique is that players can leave ratings and reviews of other people they’ve gamed with, so you know more about the person you’re choosing to play with. The rating system means that members can make an informed choice on who to contact and who to game with, and good players naturally get more attention and more requests to play.

I’m under 18. Can I use the site?

Many of the games that are listed on this site have mature themes including sexual content and graphic violence and carry a PEGI 18 certification.  We abide by these rules by preventing access to players under 18 years of age who do not meet these requirements. If you’re a parent with a younger gamer and you do choose to allow your child to create a profile on this site, please be assured that we take the safety, privacy and wellbeing of our members very seriously.  The site is based on principles of respect, positive interaction and friendliness – an environment we would feel suitable for your child.

Is it safe to share my personal details?

There’s really no practical way for us to individually vet everyone that joins the site.  We keep your email address  private and nobody can contact you outside of the site, unless the individual member specifically adds this information under profile settings. We strongly advise that you don’t share any personal information with anyone. That said, we expect almost all of our members to be genuine gamers with no other motives. Please act with common sense when connecting with other players and you’ll have a safe, fun experience.

What do I do if I receive an abusive or inappropriate message or forum comment?

We take of abusive, inappropriate, intimidating, or any other such behaviour extremely seriously. Our site is based on positivity and respect and we will not tolerate any behaviour of this type on our site. Please use the contact form to report the incident. Please include times, dates, the member(s) involved and copies of the messages concerned, including any that took place away from the site. We will then investigate and act accordingly. Those found guilty of this behaviour will be banned from the site and may be reported to the police for further investigation.

What privacy settings do you have in place?

The site is based on providing a members only, password protected environment that allows its members to interact without sharing any personal details or contact information. Members are encouraged to use GamerTags instead of real names and use the site-based messaging system for contact. At no time will your personal information, gaming profile or contact details be shared with any third parties without your express permission.

People are sending me spam messages, what can I do to stop this?

Firstly, let them know! Some people have different views of what constitutes too much contact, so simply asking them to stop may do the trick in many cases.  If you are receiving spam, use the site contact form to let us know – we’ll investigate.

Can I suspend my account for reactivation later?

Not at the moment. You are able to delete your account at any time, but account suspension is on our roadmap and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Can I delete my account at any time? What happens to my data once I delete my account?

Deleting your account is simple and zero hassle. You can do this via your profile page at any time and your account will be deleted immediately. Please remember once your account is deleted and is not recoverable. If you have an issue we’d much prefer you contact us first – we’d like to help!

Are you actually gamers too?

We’ve been obsessed with gaming since we were kids! A bit about us: we’re three gamers who got tired of the disrespect, abuse and generally bad behaviour from online players during co-op. We looked for a way to find good, genuine people to game with, but apart from random forums, we couldn’t find anything, so we started one ourselves.

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